Sacred Inquiry

“The whole idea of sacred inquiry is learning to go within ourselves and ask questions that bring us to a higher state of consciousness that brings us closer to that Great ‘I AM.'”

So we’re talking about the great I am. It takes me way back to my childhood and learning about the Bible and statements in the Bible, and I thought, well, that’s an excellent place to start.

Asking questions is fundamental because it changes the neural structure of the brain. But it doesn’t change the neuro structure of the brain if it’s routine questions. Most questioning is answered from your beliefs and your memories and experiences and they’re already wired in. Or your asking to gather information. We do that because we’re really just checking out whether the outside environment is safe, collaborating with what you feel and know is going on.

However, asking more profound questions does change the brain. This is important because we as human beings tend to ask questions that we know have an answer. But when you’re asking questions that you don’t know the answers to, existential questions, they’re transformative, they transform consciousness. Questions like, “Who Am I?”

Before we go further on into neuroscience and you all go to sleep, let’s see what the Bible says about “I.” It comes up in quite a few places. Like when Moses first encountered God was told that he was going to lead God’s people out of slavery. He asked God what he should say if people asked who sent him. God replied, “this is what you’re to say to the Israelites, “I AM, has sent me to.”

Now, if I was standing in front of Moses and he just comes from the burning Bush and he said, “I am sent me.”  I would say, “Is there somebody else that can lead us out of here?”

What does “I am? mean” Well, it goes deeper when we get into the Gospel of John where he says, “I tell you the truth…. before Abraham was born I AM… There’s a lot of cryptic information in the Bible.

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