Your Soul Power

Knowing your Souls power is critical to understanding your True being.

The world is in turmoil today….but it has always been in turmoil because the world lives in separation, in opposites, in right and wrong.  Race issues and strategies are not limited to time and place.  China, Russia, Europe all countries have these troubles because we live from the belief that all humans are separate and this is the exact opposite of the teachings of Jesus.  Love thy neighbor.  

So let’s talk about the bridge to faith….We said prayer is the bridge to faith on the path. We utilized prayer or treatment to bring certainty to that which we are praying for. And this is necessary for the student and the early practitioner of this way.

But we need to recognize that the work is in knowing God is all. If I say I treat for Larry to be prosperous I am saying Larry is human and has limited beliefs and needs and they need to be changed.  By doing so we are working on appearances or on the mental cause.

Now when I say God I am not talking about Santa Clauses brother. I speak of the infinite knowingness, the Soul itself of each being, that which brought you to earth, that creates and dissolves worlds….

In our practice, we use a steppingstone to move us across the bridge but we need to move on in our study of our practice. Jesus said to Lazareth “get up and walk” he was not speaking to the person of Lazareth he was speaking to the SOUL to get up and walk.

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