Wisdom of the Ages

Today my title is the Wisdom of the Ages. Traditionally, January is always the month that we kind of go over. What are the principles of this philosophy so that people can remember them again and use the principles? There, the Science of Mind textbook, which is actually a book called The Science of Mind, the first four introductory tractors really tell you everything you need to know. That is the thing itself, the way it works, what it does, and how to use it. And those four I have used for like, 30 some years as a minister this year, we did things a little bit different. We use some different books that Ernest Holmes had written.

And today I want to kind of combine them as to what we teach and what the wisdom of the ages teaches. What is being taught around the world? Dr. Ernest Holmes opens the science of mind textbook with “The philosophy of religious science Is nothing new in the world. It’s rather a synthesis of the greatest concepts that have ever come to the mind. Man, the law of Moses, the love of Jesus, the Christ, the ethics of Buddha, the morals of Confucius, the real deep realization of the Hindus, the mystical revelations of the saints of the middle ages, and anybody who has found the truth. So. It’s, it’s not only just finding the truth, but using truth.”

I remember when, when my mother who was Catholic was pretty upset that all of a sudden, I wasn’t going to a Catholic church, I was going to something different or she thought it was kind of weird the name.

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