What to Plant

So today, my talk is about what to plant now for the harvest in the fall, because now’s the time where you want to begin looking at what do you want to create later on? Because sometimes it takes the whole summer before you’re going to see it happen. And I just want to thank you for being here because you being here allows me to live my purpose and passion.

And whoever watching all over the world. I want to thank you for watching because the center for a spiritual living really is in my life is really about awakening to our magnificence that you can look around and recognize it everywhere. I look, I see the face of God. So just look at somebody right now and realize you are looking at the face of God.

That divine being that is sitting there or that’s around you or a picture that you’re looking at is that face of God. And sometimes we have to realize that, um, it’s important to decide what seeds do you want to plant for your harvest in the fall? We have a lot of classes that we kind of work on that are new seeds and what do we want to change?

And what are, what do you want different? And there’s a story that illustrates this perfectly. I think it’s a story of this man. He was cleaning out his attic and he found this, um, vase and he started polishing it cause it was all grungy looking and all of a sudden a genie popped out and the genie said, I grant you two wishes.

And he said, well, you know, I, I want to make sure I always have money in my pocket that I can pay any bill. I pull in my pocket and there it is. So he goes to a restaurant and he orders lunch and he had his friend, the ostrich with him. And the lady said that will be $14 and 50 cents. He opened his pocket, pulled out the money there, where they was.

Next day, he went back with the Austrians. They both got the same thing and the bill came to $22, puts his hand in his pocket, pulls up $22. Next day, he came in and it was like $42. So they each got steak and potatoes and wine and they had a bottle and all this stuff. And the waitress finally said, wait a minute, I have to ask you, how is it when you come in here, you can reach into your pocket and pull out the exact change.

Even if it’s $44 and 22 cents. I said, well, This, this genie came and said, I can have whatever I want. And he goes, most people would ask for millions of dollars. He said, don’t, I just want to know, I can always pay my bill. I always have the money to pay it exactly as much as I need it to be for a rolls Royce, but I always have that money.

And he said, well, what was your second wish? He said, well, I didn’t do very well on my second wish. I asked for a chick with long legs.

I think that one through that’s what happens when you don’t think it through what’s the seed you want to plant? Do you want an Austrian to chick with long legs or do you want to create a life that works for everyone? So you can remember that when you’re planting seeds, that may be it. You don’t want later on to show up in your life.

So one of the things that Dr. Ernest Holmes says that whatever we plant, he said the Gar, the Gardner goes forth in faith to sow his seeds. He has learned that as he sows. So Shelly reap that the law works for all alike. The law is infallible and impersonal. Let’s talk about those two words, infallible and impersonal infallible means that whatever you put into that law, you will get back.

If you put it in with your thinking and with your feeling, thinking, and feeling and fell, you will get it back and fallow bleeds. So what is it you’re thinking about? You know, I realized that sometimes what. Kind of gets me hung up is when I think about what other people’s problems are, that all of a sudden my life isn’t as happy.

So instead of thinking about other people having problems, I have to think about other people as healed from their problems and that, that has nothing to do with me. It’s their life. And the only thing we can do, actually, we want to help other people is to hold them in their highest and greatest. Good. If you know of somebody that’s going through a problem or their life is falling apart, or they’re already breaking up with somebody or whatever they wanted, isn’t happening, hold them in the highest and greatest.

Allow the universe to take care of it loud. Allow that divine energy to take care of it. Allow that spirit. To move forth in them. Tony Robbins says the only thing that prevents us from having everything we want is your story and your reasons of why you can’t have it. They may ever have that you might ever have any reasons why they can’t have something.

Those reasons will, will get in our way. Doctor and his home said learn how to think is to learn how to live, because our thoughts go into a medium, which is infinite in its ability to do and to be, we have our own genie. Literally we have our own genie. Paramahansa Yogananda, the founder of the self-realization fellowship out in LA.

He said as water by cooling and condensation becomes ice. So thought. By condensation assumes physical form. Everything in the universe is thought in material form, everything was first to thought everything in your life was first a thought, is it what you want? See our seat thoughts are our cause I remember, you know, going saying to myself when I was beginner in this last week, uh, what.

What is first cause what is it I’m thinking about this, creating that. So what is the cause in my own mind that I’m thinking about this, creating a result that I may not want. So we can always go back to first cause is go, wait, where am I thinking and feeling, what am I doing? That’s bringing this up in my life.

Then we can change it. It’s like a, a painter that paints a painting and then he doesn’t like it, or she doesn’t like it. They paint over it. That creates something different. Sometimes we think we have to paint our life a certain way and it’s going to be that way forever. If there’s no way of getting out of it and that’s not true, we do it in a different way.

So Dr. Nunez tomes used to teach junior church and he was in there one day with the kids. And he was giving you an example of how, um, eggs create check-ins. And he said the, the chicken has to sit on the eggs for 21 days. And if, if everything is right, the right temperature and stays on the egg and 21 days you will hatch a baby chicken.

And the kids were like so excited and he said, the lesson is stay with whatever you want until it hatches. Is there something you want in your life that has not hatched? You’re just in the 21 day cycle. That may be three years or four years or whatever, but you’re just in the cycle of it. Hatching. And we think, Oh my God, this is just the way it’s going to be forever.

No, that’s the way it is for right now, because it hasn’t hatched the dream that we have, the ideas that we want have not hatched yet. So if you want an Oak tree only an acorn will get you there. So, you know, one of the things that. I had this good idea. And I’ve been talking to Larry about the fact that I really need a vacation.

I said, you know, I’ve had two days vacation last year. We went to Minnesota. No, we went to Michigan and we get a phone call in their house, burned down. So we had to come home. I don’t know why it was already gone, but we did. We came home. People would have thought we were weird if we went, Oh yeah, we’re just going to vacation in that house that burned down.

So we came home to be responsible people. And I said, you know, I need a vacation. And Larry said, use the vouchers that we got last year, Marsha and I were going on this, um, Trip to can Kuhn and it got canceled because of COVID. And we were going to go study and do all this inner work, but we had these vouchers and Larry said, use your vouchers and go anywhere you want.

Well, one of my favorite places, Coca-Cola Palm in Jamaica, anybody ever been to Jamaica, you know, this is the perfect time to go to Jamaica, Mon. So we went online. So I called Marsha and said, do you want to use your voucher? And we can go on a trip. So within five hours, Larry had booked us a trip to Jamaica.

So that I, my dream finally hatched, I just had to wait long enough. I didn’t want to leave Larry for one because they didn’t think it was fair. And me going on vacation without him. But when he said it’s okay, he just can’t go. First of all, he gets sunstroke, Jamaica’s not as favorite place. And second, he has to deal with the house three to four hours a day, or we don’t know what they would put into it.

It could, it will be, it would. Oh yeah. Who knows? So. I want to thank Larry for literally giving me permission to take care of myself. Thank you, Larry. So when I’m gone, I expect some of you to call him and take him out to dinner or lunch. So he’s not alone for 15 days. I know, I know we had booked it for 20, but I said, you know what?

I don’t think I can be gone 20 days. I’d miss him too much. And then he looked up another price and went, how about 15? 15? Sounds perfect. That’s the time I can see 21 days is the time it takes to hatch, but I only did 15 because it’s already hatched. So thank you, Larry.

So what is it that you want to hatch? You know, do you want to have a world that works for everyone? Do you want to hatch kindness and love and compassion. Do you want to hatch a dream that you’ve been wanting? The universe doesn’t care. It’s impersonal, impersonal, meaning, no matter who says two and two equals four, it’s going to be true.

Is that right? It doesn’t care if you say it or you say it, or whoever says it, two, one, two equals four. It’s the same way with our dreams as impersonal. It doesn’t care if I wanted to go to Jamaica or Larry wanted to go, it was my dream that I got to sit on until it hatched. And I had forgotten that we had those vouchers.

So Larry reminded me that I can get away and take care of myself. I tell other people take care of yourself. And I forgot that meant me. So anyway, I will think of you as I’m taking care of myself. I want to share a story though that, um, it’s a story of planting seeds of kindness, and there was this fin swimmer who was an Olympic Armenian swimmer.

You may have heard of him. It was in like 1975. He had just completed a 12 mile run with his brother. He was one of the world champions and he saw a trolley car crash and go into this Lake and he, it was 80 feet out and 33 feet deep. And he swam out and went down and one by one pulled 25 people out of that trolley.

And he and his lungs collapsed. He was sick in the hospital for 45 days. It ended his Olympic career, but he did it. And nobody really talked about it because he was part of the Soviet union. And they didn’t want to admit that they, our trolley car, that didn’t work. And that went into a Lake. So nobody really heard of them.

They didn’t know why. All of a sudden he wasn’t in the Olympics anymore. He was a thin swimmer, which you’ll have to look up because it’s different than just a swimmer. You swim with fins on you and you worked out like 12 to 14 hours a day to be strong enough to do thins swimming. So a few years later, people hadn’t heard them.

They didn’t know what happened to them. And in 1985, they heard of him again, because there was a burning building. And he ran into the burning building. And one by one brought 25 people out of that burning building before it collapsed. And then he made the news and people got to know that he was still around he’s 66 years old.

He’s still alive, but his purpose was to do good. And he did, even though. It ruined his body, but he healed. He’s still alive. It gave up his grief, his career, but he did it to help other people. So is there something in your life you want to do to be able to help other people that you want to make a difference on in this planet?

You can make a difference by changing your thinking and your feeling. You can make a difference in this planet by begin seeing people as whole complete and perfect. You can begin making a difference by getting involved in life. You know, some people have been bringing canned goods. I really am excited. I came in today and there was a case of soap for, um, loaves and fishes.

How many of you, when you’re shopping, think about, Hey, wait, there’s people that don’t have food. I can, I can pick up an extra can of something. One can, and I can help one person with maybe a meal. There’s little things we can do now. I don’t always remember it either. I try once a week to remember food for loaves and fishes.

And what would they like since I don’t cook? I don’t really know I can. Larry, what? They liked this, we cooked fresh chicken. I can’t take them a check-in, but I can take them chicken soup. So there’s things that we can do on this planet. Larry’s talk last week was the most inspirational talk. It was a talk to go out and change the world.

It was a talk to do something different to help this planet, to change your thinking, to get involved, to realize that we don’t know how many minutes we’re here. We have X amount of minutes per day. And we don’t know how many days until our minutes expire. We have an expiration date on us, but we just don’t know it.

Did you know that? Yeah, we don’t know. So what good can I do today? What can I do to make a difference today? So there was this millionaire that was being interviewed. And, and they asked him to tell us about what made you the happiest? And he said, well, during my life, I went through four stages and this is actually a true story.

He said, the first stage of my life, I accumulated wealth, but I didn’t really get a lot of happiness. The second stage I collected valuables and stuff. And I realized that didn’t really, that was temporary, but didn’t really make me happy. The third stage, I got big projects. I, I bought a tourist resort. I bought a football game, our football team, and he was like, that didn’t really make me happy.

So the fourth stage a friend asked him to buy wheelchairs to donate to disabled children. And so he did and the friend said, and now I want you to come with me to deliver them. He delivered the wheelchairs. To these disabled children. And they were so excited, it was like they had a picnic, they got on the chairs in there, they’re playing around.

And he said, he’s never experienced so much joy from these children is when they got their own wheelchair. And before he left, there was a little boy that came up and hug his, hugged his leg and wouldn’t let him go. And he said, is there anything I can do to help you? Is there something else you need? And the little boy said, I just want to remember your face so that when I meet you in heaven, I’ll be able to recognize you again.

And thank you once more. He said that changed his life. That’s when he realized happiness that he did something for somebody that’s so appreciated it and that his life would never be the same again. Dr. Ernest Holmes talks about planting your garden now. So the fall harvest is exactly the way you want it.

And he said you can plant three rows, appease, peace of mind, peace of heart and peace of soul. You can plant four rolls, four rows of squash, squash, gossip. Squatch indifference. Squash complaining and squash negativity. And he said, then you can plant four rows of lattice. Let us be faithful, full faith filled.

Let us be kind. Let us be patient. Let us really love one another. I think these are so cool and no real garden can be without turnips. Turn up for service. Turn up to help someone else turn up for life and to conclude our garden, we must have in it time, time for play time for rest time for spiritual growth and time for God.

Are those the best? See that’s the garden that we can plan and watch show up all around us. So no matter what’s going on in your life, realize that you’re, you can also plant love so that that harvest will keep reaping love, plant understanding. Everybody wants to be understood and let go of fixing people.

They might have a tendency to fix people, anybody controller, fixer, you know what I realized is it doesn’t work. And it actually makes the person cause feels bad. Feel worse when you’re feeling bad. Do you want somebody to say stop that you’ll get better? Or do you want them to say, I hear you. I hear you.

That’s my new word. If you want to complain or you have something going on, just call me and I’ll just say I hear you. I learned that from Tracy when she was my coach in the new game. I had to call her every single day for like three months and said, tell her whatever was going on and what I wanted to change and what I wanted to different.

What seeds were I planting today? And she would just say, I hear you. I hear you. What do you want? I hear you. What do you want to plant? I hear you. Are you planting what you want? I hear you. Sometimes I have to have someone say, are you sure that’s what you want to plant? Because I may not want that, but I may be talking about it.

I might think about it. I might have feeling about it, but I may not want that in my life. So sometimes you have to stop and go. Is that what I want? And once we get clear on that, we can plant an amazing garden in our life as our life and watch the harvest. Because you will have a harvest, whatever you think and feel will show up.

God bless you have a wonderful week planting. You’re beginning your seeds for a fall harvest. I love you very much. And so it is.

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