Sunday: Bringing the Meaning too it All

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I want to start out by talking, um, giving you a story and you’ll hear some of Don Miguel Ruiz in this story.

But this morning I woke up about four o’clock and I recognized that my mind had been busy for awhile. Anybody had that before your mind just is not letting you sleep?  And it was this story. And so I finally got up, went to the computer and started typing and I wanted to share the story with you and then talk about some of the practical things that I recognized within it. Take a deep breath

Once upon a time, a teenage girl sat on the steps outside her school crying. She was suffering from all the awful things the other girls and boys had said to her and about her. She believed she was all those things. And now she sat and couldn’t find her way out of the suffering. The conflicts within her were eating her alive.

When she arrived home, her mother clearly felt something was wrong. And convinced her to go to the wise woman of this little town.

The girl and the wise woman sat silent, waiting, waiting, waiting until the wise woman said you’re suffering from parasites.

Video with follow-along Transcript Click here

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