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Sunday Talk

Based on the book This Thing called Life, by Ernest Holmes

The opening of Ernest Holmes’ book This Thing Called Life is apropos today as much as anytime. He says “The world is crying out for God. Lost in the canyons of disillusionment, where the trail runs out and stops against granite barriers that wall us in, we cry: “Why hast thou forsaken me?”   When war devastates the land and tremblingly, we stand at the mouth of hell, listening to the screaming of airplanes, the whales of the wounded, and the terror of headlines, we cry “Why hast thou forsaken me?”

“The answer to our need lies not in God’s willingness, but in our will to accept, in our ability, through faith, to recognize the Divine Presence as the great reality of life. The power of God within us is like a sleeping giant which must be awakened that it may spring into action.”

Ernest is clearly saying that the chaos of the external world, the disillusionment of life is not God’s doing.  We need to understand the Divine Presence is within.  We need to accept it, know that the Presence is ours.  Not our ego life, not the construct call “Larry” or Marigene” but the awareness that knows experience.

So, let’s talk about who we are and this power.

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