Part II: Enlightened Age

Last week I covered several grand periods, called in the Hindu culture, Yugas.

  1. Connecting what Dr. Ernest Holmes said about our inner power.
  2. And current research
  3.  And what various predictions.

Four Yugas descend, the Satya, Treta, Dwapara and Kali Yugs. The same four ascend from Kali to Satya in this 24,000-year cycle. By the way, the Greeks had posited Golden, Silver, Bronze, and Iron Ages, as did the Romans and some indigenous people have done before.

In the Greek Periods we have:

  • The Golden age was the age of purity, peace, harmony…
  • The Silver age people had to adjust to planting, harvesting, building staying warm.
  • The Bronze age people became warlike and inclined to arms.
  • The Iron age was where all things went wrong.
    The time periods are very different, but the behavior is what seems to link these disparate periods.
  • Review last week’s lesson – Kali Yuga – Matter is all
    • Dark Age
    • Materialism is at its strongest -Everything is matter: thought, feeling, possessions are of the highest importance.
    • Self-Interest is actually Self-Centeredness
    • Awareness is dull
  • Review Dwapara Yuga – Energy is all
    • More Enlighted period
    • Materialism is present but not as strong
    • Self-interest – compassion (Mother Teresa and Gandhi becomes the norm)
    • Higher awareness, intuitive awareness

WATCH PART I: The Dark Age

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