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Melissa and Z are the founders of OhMyGod Life and they speak and sing!  How can you cultivate a deeper, richer relationship with Spirit? And why should you bother? Through story, music, and shared insights, Melissa and Z reveal how and why the I/Thou relationship can transform your life! Rev. Z Egloff is a cartoonist, spoken word artist, and award-winning author of the spiritual humor blog, Life in ZD: A Goofball’s Guide to Enlightenment. Their wife, Rev. Dr. Melissa Phillippe, is a singer-songwriter and teacher with nine albums of original music in release. Melissa and Z are the founders of OhMyGod Life, an online and traveling ministry. Their mission is to bring radical joy to the world!   Bring your friends to experience their amazing music that fills many Centers for Spiritual Living each week!

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