Mother’s Healing Energy

The healing energy of “Mother” is compassion, love, peace. They are all inside of us.

I found that Mother’s Day can be traced back to the early Greeks. Interesting? Researchers traced it back to a festival of raw Rhea, which was the mother of the gods. Also, the pagans had a mother’s day and the Christians celebrated on the fourth, Sunday of lint mother of Christ. Then in 1872, Julia Ward Howe who wrote the battle Hymn if the Republic. She suggested a day of peace be recognized.  She organized all the mothers, who were the only ones that would come out to a meeting, and it became known as Mother’s Day for Peace. So isn’t that quite something.

And then in the U S we will spend $21 billion over this past weekend for gifts for Mother’s Day. It’s the third largest, not the first – what’s the first anybody know?  Christmas. Second, one Halloween. Can you imagine how low waiting? Hello?

So in the Western world, our sense of mother is often crowded out by all of the various interpretations of Freud and what Freud thought about mother issues. And it’s a whole different concept in the Western world.

If you were to say, I hate my mother and you were in India, they would be freaked out because in India it’s “mother” sacred. You’re always supposed to respect your mother. The India continent is considered the Mother Land. And so it’s very important to the Indian tradition.

It’s also important to the Indian tradition because they have what is known as Divine Mother and Divine Mother was the creator of the universe. The first of the creators of the universe and Divine Mother symbolizes feminine energy.

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