Gifts to Give

This morning, our topic is Gift of Give. Ernest Holmes said, “everyone comes in into the world with a gift to give a lesson, to learn and a debt to pay.” So we’ll unpack that as we go through today and, um, a few years back, maybe it’s more than a few years, I wrote a book on discovering your purpose and your gifts.

And, um, it didn’t sell, which is okay because I’m not really big on going and doing marketing and selling stuff. I’m big on writing. Uh, and I usually write because it’s something I need to know, I’ll write it and I’ll learn about it. And then I’m onto the next thing.

First of all a gift, a gift to give. So we all have gifts. I ironically, a lot of the population of the world doesn’t believe that they don’t understand that they have a gift. And partly it’s because we’re really not educated in that way. We’re not told that if we are told that. We’re told that from an ego standpoint and that then creates other issues, but we all have a gift to give the question is how do you want to find it? And the way you find it can be a couple of different ways.

One is intuition, anybody heard of intuition? Yeah. Okay. Those that didn’t raise their hand. You’re going into my class. Intuition is one of those things that. Has a bad rap. It’s gotten better over time. There are a few books today been written now about it that have gone in depth. Um, science is not really big on intuition.

Doesn’t really believe in intuition, but there are some neuroscientists that do. Um, one of them Boston University did a study on intuition and he did it using an electroencephalograph to see what brain activity was going on at the time of the intuitive hit. Um, I can’t imagine being hooked up to that machine for like eight or 10 hours waiting for intuitive insight.

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