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Thank you very much so, Oh, it’s like, what if God was one of us? God is all of us. You know, that’s such a profound song today. We’re really talking about filling our cornucopia with greater good. And we’re in the holiday Thanksgiving season. And yet it feels like. This year has gone by so fast. I mean, it’s hard to believe that we are in November and Thanksgiving.
I remember when it was like March and now all of a sudden it’s November, what happened? I just remembered I can take my mask off now nobody’s on the stage with me. I make very, very cautious. Because, um, it’s hitting home closer and closer to home. My nephew went hunting with his father and he took his son, my great-nephew. And they all three went to a restaurant in a little town in Missouri and they all three ended up with COVID, which now my niece got it because they came home to her. And so last night I had a dream that she came to my house to deliver groceries and that I got it. And I went, I don’t want to dream like that.
So I’m just putting him in prayer. So grateful that Tom has healed well and, and Susan loft and is healed from COVID. So my prayer is that we all stay healed and grateful for each one of us and for this opportunity to celebrate together, one of the things that we did last year is we put together. Well, I didn’t actually put together. And, um, David Floeh put together a new fence out in the back. The fence had been falling apart for years and years. So the wooden fence, the slats were always coming off people that was a volunteer service, almost weekly in the summer for people that put the slats back on.
So last year, friends and family of Claire Laune donated money and we put together a beautiful rod iron fence. And so I would like, uh, Claire’s husband, Tony to come forward. We’re going to put this plaque on the fence. It says donated by family and friends and loving memory of Claire lawn. So let’s just acknowledge everything everybody does. I’m going to give this to you. And then you and David, I have some screws in the other room can figure out how to get it on the fence so we can all think of her every time we go by there. And every time we see it, you know, this is the time of the year that we or I’m so grateful for the center for spiritual living.
I feel so blessed. I. You know, this has been an unusual year for Larry and I with, um, having our house burned down in August and, and, uh, losing our dog in October, which still is like, uh, pulls on my heart. And I’m so grateful for this Center for my friends, for my people, people that acknowledged me on my birthday, people that I haven’t heard from in years I heard from, and it’s like, I believe that our hearts are more open right now because of what is happening.
There’s no accident. If we believe that there’s a divine energy and intelligence, it’s no accident that COVID came to this country this year. And it isn’t just for us to more in the 250,000 people and more that a passed away from it. But to also celebrate. The memories celebrate the people that have moved on that, that came here and made a difference in a lot of people’s lives.
And we’re here also to celebrate our lives every day, we wake up, how many of you wake up and say, Oh, thank God. I’m awake today. Another day of living another day of loving. So, so that’s our opportunity is to do things in a different way to be more open-hearted, to be more loving. And you know, owners’ homes is Thanksgiving and love go hand in hand.
So when you’re into gratitude, I’m actually, there’s so many things I’m grateful for. I’m grateful that we’re going to have a small Thanksgiving this year. You’ll see, there were like 28 people at my daughter’s house. And this year there’s just going to be the six of us hanging grateful for that opportunity to be in conversation and just relax.
I’m grateful. I love masks. I think they’re beautiful. I’m grateful for masks. Our bookstore is now selling some Christmas masks and we sell the little chains. Um, Made out of ribbon so that when you go shopping, if you have to take your mask down when you get the car and you go somewhere else, you’ll have it around your neck to put back on again.
And the reason we have these is because twice in the last two weeks, I have gone into stores on my telephone for getting my mask, and then they have to give me one at the store because they’re back in my car. And I thought, you know, if I had, if I had them around my neck, I would just, I would have him when I went to a store.
So basically we’re selling them because of me so that I now have a four, so I can put them on four different mass and always be able to have one when I go into a store because I really believe if I really believe that if we all get together and say, you know what? Life matters. Wearing a mask is not a big deal. I’d rather wear a mask and be alive than take a chance. Don’t wear a mask and move on. I’m not ready to move on yet. So remember, um, how many of you read the book? The hidden messages in water by Emoto years ago? It was real popular. Well, it showed pictures of water that had a love and gratitude. On the container.
And then they, they blew up a molecule of water and it was beautiful. It was like the lace and it was just absolutely gorgeous and love and gratitude, you know, that was made out of mostly water. So if we live from love and gratitude, which means sometimes we have to turn off TV and not listen to the news.
If we live from love and gratitude inside of us, the molecules of our water will look like a cathedral. We will be just a walking storehouse, of beauty inside. And I think sometimes we forget that if any of you ever forget that and get upset and worried and angsty and antagonistic and. What’s that doing inside of you is moving the water into, uh, if you read his book, you will see what it looks like when you are in an angst or hatred or in disappointment, you literally are ruining the water cells within your body.
And you can sh we can all shift it by living in gratitude and love. So I, there are some, I just want to read you some things that had happened in the past that, um, Historical information. So we’ll even if you don’t think you have something to be grateful for, as I share this with you, you might find life now is something that you are or grateful for.
So this, to put it in perspective, if do any of you, so are, have sewn. Okay. Listen to this and colonial America, the manufacturer of clothing at home was a, time-consuming never-ending task because it took nearly a year and a half to create linen from flax, a man’s shirt often worn out by the time a woman could complete new one, uh, a year and a half to make a shirt because they had to also create the linen.
We can go down to the store and pick up a shirt and not have to spend any time. So I’m, so we can be grateful for that. We didn’t have to make our own clothes. If you think your job is hard, consider the conductor of a train in Wales who has to call out the name of this station every single day. Now the station has 54 letters in the name, and this is what it sounds like.
unknown words Sheila cologne. Gotcha. Well, it didn’t have a. Uh, on the end, it just said Gotch GOCE. That is a, a wealth, a Welsh name with 54 letters. He would have to call that out all the time. So this one is for the women around the world. The average gestation period for an elephant is 640 days, which is almost two years. And we thought nine months was a long time. And this is for you gentlemen. The male Penguin’s job is to incubate the eggs by resting it on top of his feet to protect it from the ice. He must stand perfectly, still, not even moving to eat for. He must conserve the body temperature to keep the egg warmer than the surrounded snowy area.
That was in the Book, Beast, Brains, and Behavior. Can you imagine standing there in the cold with your feet up so that that egg would stay a certain temperature until it’s ready to open and in the new little penguin popped out? Oh gosh. So w uh, the first microwave oven was called the. Ray radar rage. It was, was as tall as a refrigerator weighed 750 pounds took an electrician to install it needed to be hooked up to the plumbing because it required water and it costs up to $3,000.
The, are you grateful for your microwave? I mean, this is amazing. And finally, this is so all of you can count your blessings just today here at our celebration, the longest sermon on record was delivered by a minister in West Richland Washington in 1955, it lasted 48 hours and 18, eight minutes. A congregation of eight was still present at the sermons and.
Bless those souls. See how much you have grateful for our talks are 20 to 25 minutes, maybe 15 to 18 of you’re lucky. Can you believe how much our life in this world has changed? So we have to be grateful. I bet you never thought of being great April going to the store and buying an outfit that you didn’t have to.
Create it yourself the other day, uh, the insurance called us and they, what Larry night, every about every day we go spend an hour to hour and a half on the phone with this lady going through everything. They threw away in the house and we have to tell her how old it was. She said, well, do you want to start on your closet? I said, not today. I’d already spent an hour and a half trying to figure out when we bought things. And she said, well, you have 40. One pairs of pants that we destroyed and 54 blouses. And you have to tell me how old they were and what you paid for them.
Yeah, I bought them all yesterday. And do you believe I am grateful that I don’t have all of those things. What’s interesting. Before we went on vacation, I was going to go through my closet and clear out. You know, half of everything, because I don’t need that much, but I was going to give it to Goodwill so other people could use it. The only thing that bothers me is that they just threw them away along with the rest of the closet that they have over at a cleaners in Illinois. I can’t even imagine. I said, how am I supposed to know when I bought these? She said, well, you’ll know, we’ll go through the list. Yeah. One white blouse, all of that blouse.
I know it’s all my white blouses cause they were right there where the ceiling fell in and all my black blouses were where the feeling ceiling fell in and my skirts and my pants were where the ceiling fell in. So all of that, they got rid of, you know, it’s, it seems like a waste to me. I, I I’m, this whole thing is given me, uh, a renewed appreciation for the fact that we can recycle.
We can give things to Goodwill or to charities that can use them. It upsets me that they would take things and put them in a lot and throw them away. I think I’m more, I now take our stuff that we have to recycle up to the high school cause they have a big recycle bin so I can recycle as much as I can.
So in a way, this has even opened me up to greater. What else can I do to clean up America, to make things reusable for other people? So I’m grateful for that realization. I’m grateful that I’m learning to do things in a different way and a new way. So, um, so one of the things I want to do is to acknowledge the people that have.
Done so much. If you are somebody who’s ever given to the center for spiritual living, um, in any way, a gift money anythings, please stand up so I can acknowledge you and give thanks for you. Anybody here that’s ever given to CSL. Okay. We got the whole room up. Let’s give everybody a hand.
You know, I think every day we need to, to when we get up and we go in and I dunno if you comb your hair or not, or, well, if you have hair, whatever you do, I just looked at Larry and went well, he doesn’t comb his hair, but. He brushes his teeth. Okay. When you brush your teeth in the morning, give thanks.
Look in the mirror and look, look at those eyes, looking back and just say, thank you. Thank you for this day. Thank you for the opportunity. I have to make a difference. Be grateful. Wow. Today’s a day of loving. Today’s a day of gratitude. And it, as you walk in, if you, as you look at your clothes, give gratitude that you didn’t have to weave them, give gratitude.
If you have children that they only just dated nine months and not what was it? How many? 620 for the elephant. Be grateful. You’re not an elephant. Great.
I mean, there’s so many things to be grateful for grateful that you have a microwave oven that you can use, and it’s not a radar range in ways, tons, you know, there’s so many things to be grateful for who who makes, uh, I’m grateful for Janessa. She does our bulletin. And I want to share with you some of the, some of the things that have appeared in church bulletins, because they didn’t have.
Someone that paid attention to what they were writing Thursday night, potluck, supper, prayer, and medication to follow
Remember in prayer, the many who were sick of our church and community.
The Rose, but on the altar this morning is to announce the birth of David Allen Smith, the sin of Reverend and mrs. Julius Smith Thursday at 5:00 PM. There’ll be a meeting of the little mothers club. All ladies wishing to be little mothers will meet with the pastor in his study. Yeah.
Okay. And finally, next Sunday, a special collection will be taken to defray the cost of the new carpet and those wishing to do something on the new carpet we’ll come forward and do so now. Wow.
So I just, I want to just give, thanks for the staff that we have, that we’re able to read what gets put out in it in a timely matter. Think right now of all the people. That that have done something in your life that has made your life better.
The clerks, the hairdressers, the massage therapist, the vote, the musicians on Sunday, the neighbors, the friends, the clerks, Kim. Thanks for all of those people that have made your life better and easier. For your friends that are there for you when you need them for the opportunity we have to reach out and make new friends.
You know, there’s so much to be grateful for. There was a story. One time, a friend of mine, she was teaching little, little, uh, the children’s class out of the Gabi Michael Beckwith center out in California. And she asked the little three-year-old, let’s all go around and say something we’re grateful for.
And so she started on her left and Josie didn’t have anything to say. And, and she went around to each child and they were afraid to speak up. Finally, she got to little Tommy and Tommy went, Oh, I’m thankful for mommy and daddy and brother and whales and crocodiles and turtles and, and Teddy bears and masks and toys.
And. And she was like, wow, thank you. And then all the kids start doing it. What do they think before they start shouting them out? You know, I’m thankful for my toys. I’m thankful for life. I’m thankful for, and they got excited. It was almost like no one had given them permission to talk about what they’re grateful for.
And once one of them did the whole group of little, three-year-olds got to share what they’re grateful for. So I want us to be a little group of three-year-olds this morning, and let’s just shout out one thing or two things that you are grateful for. My friends, my house.
Oh my parents, my family, my friends. Yes. Yeah. My center, I friends my life, Joan Berinsky in her book called the book of gratitude, a way of life. She writes. May you be blessed with the gift of remembering, take a moment and give thanks for the five things in your life that don’t need healing throughout your day.
When you find yourself stuck in it, awfulizing about the things that seem wrong. Remember to say a prayer of gratitude for all the things that are right. What a great way to get through some of, of the ideas that there are things going on that we don’t like, and it’s not right. It shouldn’t be because it is what it is.
So instead, focus, call a friend and tell them, Hey, I’m getting upset about the world news. Can I just tell you five to 10 things? I like about my life? You know, being a support system for each other. Yeah. You can call me anytime you want and say, Hey, can I just tell you what I like about my life? Because that way we focus on the good and we allow it to expand what we focus on expands more.
I mean, I I’m so grateful for my life. Yes. There’s things that bother me. That are tedious, but I’m just so grateful that I’m here on this planet right now that I can love that I can go shopping. I mean, the, the angel on the stage, I love her, you know, she, she represents the divine feminine in the women and in the men.
It’s a different Christmas this year. This is the year of the divine feminine of that love that we are. So as we are grateful, our life expands as we are grateful, greater good shows up as we are grateful. Ernest Holmes says if we wish to come to the spirit for the healing of her wounds, let us come in peace.
And with spontaneous joy for the spirit is joy. Let us come with Thanksgiving also for a thankful heart is in harmony with life. Give thanks. Be in heart harmony with life. Allow yourself to express and expand to dance with joy, to love deeper and know that everything’s happening. For a purpose on this planet, it’s all working out according to a divine opportunity.
We may not be able to do anything about a lot of stuff, but let’s do something about the things we can do something about. Like we can bring toys for the toy drive to help other kids. We can bring food for those that are having a hard time. This season. And we can bring food anytime you want, drop it off here or drop it off at my apartment.
Let’s do the things we can do. You can go into the bookstore and help, uh, the bookstore stay alive by purchasing a new book or buying masks for Christmas, or it really helps small businesses to support them. Don’t get all your books on Amazon. Get some of them in our bookstore. Christine would love that.
And Lillian works in the bookstore also. So whatever you have to do this season of Thanksgiving, do it from that bottom of your heart, with love and gratitude. I just want to say, I love all of you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for being here during some of the trials and tribulations we’ve gone through this year, and I know that your love has helped us get through it all.
Thank you. God bless you. Namastay.
And now if you would like to, um, give a donation to the center for spiritual living, this is the opportunity. I know a lot of you give monthly online. If you’d like to give a special gift for Thanksgiving to say, wow, you know, I want to help out the center. Uh, we’ve had to pull from our savings account to pay some of the bills this month.
If you want to give anything extra, it’s so appreciated, but just your presence, just your love, your gratitude. It means so much to me and to the center for spiritual living. So I bless your gift. I bless the giver. I know it is the divine inaction, and so I let it be. And so it is.
And now.

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