Sunday: Course Correction?

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I want to talk about course corrections what we need to do and what is telling us, we need a course correction.
It seems like the universe has a way of letting us know when we need to change direction a little bit. When they send the shuttles out into space and the rockets out into space, they do course corrections. Some of them very minutely. When we’re sailing in a boat, we do course corrections from time to time. And in planes, they do course correction from time to time, not as much as they used to because of computers.
But how many of you have ever had your GPS on and it’s taken you someplace and you had no idea you were going to go. Especially the early ones, Marigene and I were traveling to Kansas City for our conference and I put it into the GPS and we drove, and then it took us off the highway and onto some kind of side street and from the side street to an alleyway and from an alley to another street. And we ended up in the back of the Sheraton hotel at the loading docks, not at the front, but at the back.

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