Sunday: Nothing too Great or Small

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This is always an exciting week for me because this is my birthday weekend.
I start celebrating it the minute Sunday happens. And that reminds me though, of my, my grandson when he was little and said, Gaga, how old are you? I said I’m 49 and holding. And he said, how old would you be? If you let go? And I said it’s okay. I’m never letting go.
What I have learned about getting older is it is true, a state of mind. It has nothing to do with anything, but how you think about it. And I always remind me of when I met Deepak Chopra years ago, we were at a conference at a Sylmar in California, and I was sitting next to him and I guess I was in my thirties and yeah.
I had really, no, I didn’t, I couldn’t think of a thing to say to him, you know, I didn’t have a philosophical question to ask. And, and so I’m sitting there eating and I said, Hey Deepak, how old are you? And I thought, Oh, well, did I ever feel stupid asking him that? But what he said was, well, what do you want to know?
My, my psychological age, my chronological age, my spiritual age, my. And I’m like, I never realized until that moment we had so many different ages. Emotionally. We could be a two-year-old. Spiritually we could be millions of years old. And all of it depends on our beliefs because what we’re talking today about, is it, uh, “Nothing is too great or too small.” In the world of spirit, nothing is judged as too little or too big or to anything. It just is based on what we believe about it.

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