Celebrating the Riches of Life

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We’re celebrating the riches of life.

So there’s a joke that somehow pertains to this. I’m not sure how edits about an army Colonel who got promoted and he’s in his new office and he sees the Corporal come to the glass door and he waves him in and picks the phone up and says, “Oh yes. Oh, thank you for calling President Clinton. Thank you for letting me know how much you appreciate me.” And then he hung it up, picked it up again and he said, “Oh yes, prime minister. Thank you. Thank you.” And he goes on and on for 15 minutes. Finally, he says, to the Corporal “What is it that you want Corporal” The Corporal smiles and says, “I’m here to hook up with them.”

Celebrate has two meetings. The first one is “performance” and the second one is “acknowledging.”

Now, one of the things that we need to do more of is to acknowledge not the ego, but acknowledge the power that is within us.

So let’s celebrate from the greatest level, the highest level let’s celebrate from the level of this amazing universe.

Let’s acknowledge the fact that it is so unbelievable that our minds can’t even grip it. For example, when I was a kid, we lived in Northern Minnesota and I would go out during the summer when the night sky was clear and I would lay on this giant rock in the back. And of course, it was at night so I could see the star…. Listen to the MP3 or watch the video. Thanks

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