Sunday: Be The Light


“See the Light”. You’ve got to be the light. And we got to lean on each other because that’s how you begin seeing the light and being the light.

But I want to start by reminding the world it is high Holy days in the Jewish tradition. It’s the beginning of Yom Kippur in the Jewish tradition and actually, I really believe we should do this all over the planet. So I’m going to teach you how you’ll begin, letting go of the past. You turn away from the past and you’ll begin moving into a sense of forgiveness.

When I was in ministerial school, actually I was going for my master’s degree, and I went to a Yom Kippur service at the Jewish school temple. And it was such an amazing, beautiful experience because we sang all the songs that I sang as a child in the Catholic religion. and so I knew a lot of them because I grew up with them it was the first time I really felt that connection between Judaism and Catholicism and that sense of letting go of the past and forgiving every single thing you’ve done or somebody else has done. So that’s why it’s the 10 days of awe.

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