Sunday: There’s Good for You Too

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Well, certainly the media has gotten serious, but I think all of us have gotten a little too serious in our lives. Why all the struggle? If you just take a look at what’s going on in politics, that’s only one particular area in which there’s a lot of struggle going on.

Amma who’s the hugging Saint from India tells a story about Krishna. He was a Saint,  about a thousand years before Christ, but she tells the story about Krishna who had gone to a territory nearby. And he conquered the territory because it was called a devil King country, and they were doing awful things.

So he conquered that territory and he took the 16,000 women who were held captive and slaved back to his territory. And he married all of them.

The reason why he married all of them is that in India, in that day, you could not do anything to a wife. In other words, they couldn’t be captured in war. They couldn’t be slaves. Etc. They were protected. They couldn’t do the work that anybody else had told them they had to do. Except for the husband.

He did that to protect them, all of them. the gopis, which is what they referred to the 16,000 women, some of the gopis, we’re going to the stream to get water for the village and. They got there and they began to load up all of the water in the pots, on the top of their heads.

And many of you have seen them do and still do today, by the way, in some villages. And they looked over and they saw Krishna playing. And so they yelled to him, come help us. And he ignored them and he went on playing and they’re like, I wonder what’s going on with him. So they yelled at him again, come on. “This is a heavy burden we have to carry.” And he turned and ran the other way and they were like, what is going on here?

Finally, they get all loaded up and each of them helped each other, get the pots on top of their heads. And off, they went to the village when they got to the village store storage area, there was Krista standing in the doorway and they were like, where are you?

“We needed you to help us because these are heavy burdens.” He said “it’s not for me to put more burdens on you. It’s for me to take them off of you.”

That story is actually profound because what Krishna is saying is we have all loaded up our heads full of burdens. We’re worried about everything. Our minds are running at unlimited breakneck speeds….

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