A Bridge to Faith

When prayer removes distrust and doubt and enters the field of mental certainty, it becomes faith; and the universe is built on faith.

Reverend Doctor Ernest Holmes

There it is there’s the bridge, right in Ernest’s quote.  The bridge to faith is prayer.  Why? As he says when you pray you are moving to a mental certainty and that is the bridge to faith.  When you are sure of something you let go.  When you let go you allow consciousness to create!

I believe in these teaching. They are not exclusive ideas, techniques of process that Dr. Holmes came up with.  He said he took the golden thread, the consistent teachings of all faiths, and brought them together in his Science of Mind Textbook. 

Sometimes we get lost in the minds constant search for knowledge…. But the mind is simply obeying a higher calling…. that calling is the True essence of who we are calling us back to our true peace, joy, love, and beauty. 

I believe that this teaching is a great stepping-stone to our inner ecology. .. To changing the world by individuals learning from the teachings. Yes this teaching will help you change your life by giving you the tools of your enact being, but it will begin to change the world because it changes our own perspective on the world. 

I believe that Centers like this that are bringing the teaching to people are missing an opportunity because we can’t give people a 7-word sentence to tell their friends what the teaching is about.

If you are trying to convince people why this teaching is great you are leading in the wrong way and you will get stuck.

Start with what we believe:  “We believe in a world that works for everyone.”

“We believe you can change your life by changing your thinking.”

Start with why you believe in the teaching.  “I go to CSL because it changed my life by giving me a new outlook on my life.”

“It opened me to new possibilities for my life.”

“It gave me a solid foundation to build a life of joy and harmony.”

“It gave me daily practices that help me stay grounded, more peaceful and ….”

You see if you lead with your WHY you go to CSL people become interested.  If you try to tell them how it works without the why it will fall flat.  If you try to tell them what of CSL without the WHY you again will fall flat.

CSL opens your life to love, joy and meaning through the time-tested tools.

Tools like – affirmative prayer.

Here is an example I would like to present.  2021 is a year that is wide open to possibilities.  Let’s take advantage of this now.

  1. What direction do you what for your life in 2021? 
    1. Think about the positive changes you want to make in 2021.
    1. Choose one area that you want to focus on.
  2. Who or what inspires you?
    1. So create a list of what spiritual ideas, people, principles, values bring you energy or awe.
    1. Pick one that resonates with your heart.
  3. What is the deeper why?
    1. Everyone wants meaning in their life and yet we don’t know how to find it.
    1. First, what do you believe?
    1. Earlier I said I believe in these teaching as a great stepping-stone to our inner ecology – that relates to meaning for me because making a difference brings meaning for me.
  4. Finally, based on the answer to the previous three questions what positive impact you can have on the world in 2021.

Buckminster Fuller said we are all passengers on this spaceship earth heading through space a thousand of miles per hour.  We are all in this together! 

Let’s create the world that works for everyone by creating a world that works for us in 2021.

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