Mother’s Healing Energy

The healing energy of “Mother” is compassion, love, peace. They are all inside of us. I found that Mother’s Day can be traced back to the early Greeks. Interesting? Researchers…

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Celebrating the Riches of Life

We’re celebrating the riches of life. So there’s a joke that somehow pertains to this. I’m not sure how edits about an army Colonel who got promoted and he’s in…

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The Walk of Change

How can I change? What can I do to make changes? What practice should I follow? . .

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Your Soul Power

Knowing your Souls power is critical to understanding your True being. The world is in turmoil today‚Ķ.but it has always been in turmoil because the world lives in separation, in…

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A Bridge to Faith

Prayer is a bridge to faith and faith opens the door to your purpose.

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Gifts to Give

This morning, our topic is Gift of Give. Ernest Holmes said, “everyone comes in into the world with a gift to give a lesson, to learn and a debt to…

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