What is the True self?

True self

Your True Self!

The sixties. Wow. What a time? Huh? Talk about cultures colliding. I remember slightly,

There was a song by Stephen Stills called Love the One You’re With and a couple of friends of mine and I decided we wanted to have a party. So, we took that song recorded it on the reel-to-reel, and made it eight hours long.  The party went on for 12 hours and it was great.

Loved the one you’re with right. Cause that was the time! That was the motto. Love everybody.

Didn’t really look that way at the time, did it? In the early 60’s the civil rights movement was just gaining strength. I was in Berkeley in California in the late sixties, just a couple of days after the riots, they called them the riots, looking at the bank building that was still on fire.

There was a time in which we, as the youth, were not satisfied with what was. We wanted something completely different. We didn’t want the war in Vietnam. We didn’t like the way the government was handling things. We did not like the way everything was about materialism. We had a lot of issues with the world or our country.

Sounds like today!  The question I have is where did the activists and civil disobedience crowds go?

I was raised in that period of time when it was duck and cover was how to survive a nuclear attack but we’re not going to last more than five seconds.

We took on a shortsighted view of life. We saw John Kennedy die and we saw Bobby Kennedy die and we saw Martin Luther King die and Camelot was on fire.  The deep sadness and disappointment of that time period just coated the country.

There was a culture of doing as usual. And the culture was we want something completely different, and none wanted to settle.  But wait! What happened? Where did they go? Where did those who were up in arms go? Where did they disappear to?

They disappeared into the corporate culture.

They became the CEOs who became greedy ones. Why? Because nothing mattered!  They lost their moral compass back in the day when all of the killings took place. Now it was every person for themselves. It was all about, let me get everything that I can now.  We fostered a country of everyone for themselves.

By 1972 to 75, through the Nixon issues, people said, okay, it’s time for me to get what’s coming to me, my things, and get on with my life. And get whatever I can because time is flying short.   So we move into the period of capitalist greed and gotcha materialism.

We moved into it in a big way in the seventies and by the eighties, everybody was completely into themselves and what they could get.

We find ourselves at a time now where we’re reaping what we sowed. The division in our country is a part of that. The greed in this country is a part of what everybody contributed to. That loss of a sense of ‘who we are’ devastated this country and other countries.

It destroyed Vietnam and Cambodia. The 80’s caused the collapse of Russia. It’s amazing how many people in the world during that time were in a depression, serious depression.

So what’s different today? We’re back to the point where it’s all this craziness has surfaced and we can see it every moment on television, but now online!

It’s transparent. It’s everywhere around us. And the question is, what are we doing about it? We’re not jumping up and down and we’re not running down the streets and hollering, and we’re not doing Woodstock anymore. We’re not rallying the troops. What are we doing? Part of the country wants to destroy and rebuild the way they want and another part wants it to be exactly as it was.

What is different is we’re starting to question ourselves and who we really are. And that question, if we really get the answer to it is the answer to everything because we have law lost what thousands of years ago, they understood, which was who we really are. We are not this mind and body.  We have gotten so into our mind and our body that we’ve lost the truth of our own being.

If you’ve been in my classes or you’ve heard my other talks, my favorite thing is to say, you’re not your body and you’re not your mind. You know how you know because anything you can perceive you or not. So I can perceive my body. So I’m not my body. I can perceive my thoughts. So I’m not my mind. The question then is who am I, if I’m not this world? Cause it’s out there and I’m not this, and I’m not this thinking process. The question is who are you and that question is what Ramana Maharshi was famous for. He said, take that question and follow it to its source.

Ernest Holmes was the same. He said where’s the source behind all of this. We’ve taken the idea of the source for thousands of years in modern religions to be something outside of ourselves. And yet there’s not a single thing in this universe that’s outside of you. Nothing. Everything is inside of you.

There is a butterfly called I think it’s the painted lady. Does anybody know about the painted lady? It’s interesting because it has 30 or 40,000 lenses for an eye. They all work like a Kaleidoscope. Can you imagine what that world, is like?

The painted lady hears with its wings. It smells with its feet now. In which world is the painted lady? Certainly not the human world is a dog’s world like ours? And so, if I’m perceiving things that are not me, “not me.” Who is this that’s perceiving? What is this that’s perceiving all of that? That question balloons in our time right now because we don’t know who we are.

We’re just going along with the flow. Happy one moment. Sad. The next moment suffering the next moment back to happy again. And the cycle keeps repeating. We lose our sense of where we’re going.

We have no purpose. Our purpose doesn’t seem to line up with anything that’s happening right now. And so the idea of finding ourselves is becoming more and more important.

And that’s the reason we’re finding more and more Sat Gurus, teachers that have been there who have come to show the way. Just like Jesus came to show the way at that time they had all of the things going on with Rome. All of the suppression, all of the repression of people.

So here we are in the time where we’re looking to find ourselves, we have science that has gone way beyond what we get ever, possibly I imagine.

And it still comes to the same result. There’s nothing there. At least we think so based on quantum physics is there? Apparently not because quantum physics can chase the tail down to the atom and from the atom to go the various particles and from their particles, which may or may not be waves or particles, or well, and then we can go from there down to quarks and the neutrinos and further.

There’s another piece to that. We find atoms are not actually things. They’re made up of a bunch of other filaments, strings that vibrate.  And everything that we can find leads us toward a vibrating universe.

In Asian Indian culture, in the Yogi schools, they teach you not to listen to people. We are pretty good at that already. The reason they teach you not to listen to people is that they want you to feel what’s going on with the person, they want you to ‘feel’ what’s being told to you.

Because if all you do is rely on the words, well,  they’re challenging. Listen to George Carlin’s talk about the seven words.

We know from material science, that our idea of how things came into existence leaves a lot to be desired. We believe that we’re born. And then there is a body and then there’s a brain and then there’s a mind. And then – we can’t explain consciousness anymore. Because that’s, as far as we can go. We don’t even understand how the mind can be non-local – meaning it doesn’t exist right in the brain. It’s non-local.

Ernest Holmes, founder of the Science of Mind and Philosophy in the early 1900s talks about the collective unconscious. And he talks about it as race (meaning human race) consciousness. He says, there’s a greater consciousness. There’s a greater Mind. That Universal Mind, connects us, all of us.

So now we’re starting to explore a difficult question, to explore it in science, the difficult question of consciousness.

It’s difficult because as Don Miguel Ruiz in his book says we have been domesticated into our belief system. And our belief systems determine our life because our belief systems have a vibration to them that attracts anything like that belief system.

When we understand consciousness is all there is, and consciousness is infinite and everything that consciousness creates a part of itself, we begin to understand this idea that God is inside of us and connects us all. And in fact, is all there isn’t anything else? The trouble we have is when we use the word, God, we’re also domesticated into the concept that God is a being somewhere in the sky out there.

There is no out there. It’s what Jesus and Buddha and everybody else were trying to tell us is there is no out there where God is. It’s inside of us. That begs the question then if the idea is finding ourselves and we’re going within defined ourselves, what are we going to find?

You’re going to find God. You’re going to find the source. When you find the source, it changes your world because it changes your perception because it moves you from looking at things from a finite perspective. So, looking at things that are infinite, an infinite perspective, infinite possibilities.

More than anything that we need on this day is to wake up. We are living, we’re living in a dream that is so vivid we actually believe it. This is a dream in the Mind of God. We’re going inside of ourselves and find God. We find out that this is only a dream and reality it’s who we truly are, and that’s a different place.

When you get into a dream and you’re in that dream and you’re lost in that dream and you actually believe that dream – that’s where we are. It’s so profound that we believe that everybody’s in this dream.

The truth be told is if there’s only one consciousness. And it has created all of us. There’s not your consciousness in your consciousness and your consciousness. There’s one consciousness and there are many perspectives on the world, but there’s one consciousness on both ends of that equation.

Consciousness is who we truly are. Infinite potential. It’s what Ernest Holmes and all the great saints telling us. And yet. We still believe the story that we’re not that. And so we suffer our mind drives us crazy, constantly chattering and telling us who we should be and what we should do and why we should do it and where we should go.

Again, it comes back to. The man who was on a horse, riding into town and the guy stopped him on the side of the road and said, where are you going? He says I don’t know, ask the horse. That’s like us. I don’t know where I’m going. Ask my mind. It takes us all over the place. Doesn’t it takes you everywhere?

It’s a free ride – almost because it’s what’s creating your suffering. It’s what’s creating your suffering.

So close your eyes for a second and take a deep breath.

Just let go and be right where you are.

Focus your awareness on your heart.

The truth of who you are. So much greater than your mind could ever know, but your heart knows, allow that energy of your heart, that beingness of your heart to permeate every cell in your body.

As you breathe in, breathe into your heart. And as you breathe out, imagine that energy of love, just going out from your heart to the whole world, just surrounds the whole world and come back, take another deep breath.


So I want to engage you in having conversations, wherever you go on the topic of compassion because what we need today is compassion. We need compassion because we’re all trying to find the same thing. We need compassion because suffering is everywhere and we need to help everywhere seva, which is in the Indian tradition.

We need compassion because compassion is, what’s going to turn around the world. That’s what Amma is. Her whole mission in this world is compassion. And she’s doing amazing things with it, as you have to do amazing things with compassion as well. First, in order to be authentic, you have to be self-compassionate. You have to give yourself some Slack. Second, you have to step out and look at where things are and who’s hurting and who’s suffering and jump in, help do something, whatever it might be. It could be very small, but the moment you do, you’re recognized that at that moment, happiness is just entered you.

The more compassion you have the more compassionate action to have your, you become in the Indian tradition. There are three things that are important. One is Seva: That means sacred service.

The second thing is Simran. It is what’s known as looking for yourself, meditation so that you can remember who you’re truly are.  Seva, Simran, and Satsang -being in the company of others who are like-minded. Satsang is getting into a group that knows we’re on a journey to finding ourselves. Journey to find the source.

Those three are the most important. All we have to do is translate that, to say that is compassion. Serve your fellow human beings. Find joy. If you’re feeling depressed, go find someplace to serve. Get outside of yourself, into the world of suffering, and find out you’re bringing joy to another person. As well as to yourself, you have within you unlimited possibilities.

And if you keep paying attention to your mind that finite mind will keep you stuck. Find the true source of who you are. Infinity is your gift.

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