Power of Your Word

1. Choosing Your Words Wisely

As a society, we have become conditioned to talk about our misfortunes and problems. We take our interpretations of events, people, and ourselves and communicate them to the world, bringing them into existence.

So by that admission, when we moan or complain about our lives to others, we are putting those negative words out there to become a reality. When you say something out loud enough times your words become the truth not only in your own mind but in the minds of everyone you are saying them to.

If this is really so, then ask yourself – do you really want to tell yourself and everybody that you know that you are unlucky in love, unsuccessful, miserable, bored or whatever else you have been complaining about? Especially now that you know that it is these exact words that are creating the life that you live?

Begin to choose the words that you speak consciously. Practice improved self-awareness over the words that you use to describe yourself and your life. Negative, powerless words such as ‘can’t’, ‘shouldn’t’, ‘need’, ‘won’t’ should all be avoided. They strip you of your ability to manifest a life that you want to live.

As the creator of your universe, what you say goes. Therefore, next time you catch yourself about to use negative words, regain control and frame your word choices so that they have a much more positive impact on your world.

For example, if you would usually say something such as ‘I am unhealthy and overweight’ then why not turn this into a more positive, constructive statement such as ‘I am in the process of becoming healthier and every day I get closer and closer to my ideal weight.

Your words are the paint with which you paint your reality. Choose those words wisely and positively to create a reality that is good for you.

2. ‘I Am What I Am’

Affirm who you are, your dreams, your hopes, and your successes with two of the most powerful words that a person can ever utter – ‘I am.


These two small but incredibly powerful words should be considered the most precious words that you have in your entire vocabulary. How we end the sentence ‘I am…’ defines who we are to ourselves and to everybody around us. So, when you say ‘I am…fat/lazy/shy’ or ‘I am…beautiful/confident/successful/happy’ this is the exact truth that you are creating for yourself. It doesn’t even matter if there is any truth in the words that you are saying, how you finish those two little words is how you define your reality.

So why not choose a higher expression for yourself?

3. Speak From The Heart

When we complain about our lot in life, speak anxiously or use hateful words, we usually do so from a place of fear. So, the first step that you need to take in order to conquer this is to practice better self-awareness over the words that you are using.

Next time you open your mouth to complain or put yourself or others down, ask yourself:

  1. ‘Why am I about to say this?’
  2. ‘How is this going to serve me or my happiness?’

Ask yourself these two important questions and you will no doubt discover that you are in fact speaking out of fear. This is the fear that you are not good enough, fear that you are in the wrong relationship, the wrong career, etc. Most importantly of all, you will realize that by voicing these fears you will be doing nothing for your happiness. Your words can only make you feel worse, manifesting these fears into your life with greater intensity.

So choose your words bravely, consciously, and lovingly. Always speak from a place of love; for yourself, for your life, and for others. Your words equal your world, so use them wisely.

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